A badass ride, a world of good


Hersch X

Hersch X is a collaboratively-built custom Tacoma on a mission to raise funds and awareness for clean drinking water initiatives. Brian King of Vox United, experienced in building wells in rural communities across the globe, wanted to rally the vast community of overland and off-roading enthusiasts in support of Vox’s cause, as well as honor his late father, Hersch.


Selman has worked with the King family on several charitable initiatives over the past few years. When Brian approached us to join over 50 individuals and organizations to help bring clean water to communities in need AND work on a sick custom truck, we jumped in wholeheartedly. Collaboration and community rose to the forefront of the identity system while remaining simple and easy for them to integrate as they traveled in remote parts of the world. Hersch X Everyone.

The identity was built to honor the time and global effort of hundreds of people
Over 50 individuals and companies collaborated on the truck build
HerschX out for a test drive
A close up of the Overlander Front Bumper from C4 Fabrication
Custom pattern is inspired by Dazzle Camouflage and patterns found in nature
My Dad loved cars…the look of a detailed finish…cruising the strip to Elvis and The Beach Boys… the rumble of 400 horses. But most of all, he loved people. Maybe that’s why he and my grandfather spent hours by my side working on cars…rebuilding it was really just an excuse to come together.”
Brian King


We researched the visual language of the overland and off-roading communities to see how they showed their support for other causes.  For the U.S. leg of HerschX’s tour we created patches and badges for people to add to their garages and dashboards, but also found this community thrives on competition.  The 4xFor challenge was born.  Much like pledging for a runner in a marathon, this campaign asked riders to donate funds or visibility each time they went on a joyride.

A little play on 4x4 for HerschX's fundraising campaign
Matteo Ianotti of Tacoma Beast interviews Brian King at SEMA 2022
Flashing the grill in red at SEMA 2022
A whole collection of patches to commemorate people and places
The crew at C4 Fabrications raise their glasses to clean water

The Road Ahead

In early 2023, the Hersch X will be shipped from the USA to the U.K. where we will begin its dual-continent run. Starting in London, It will travel through Europe, cross the Mediterranean Sea, make it way down the continent of Africa, and finish with a well-building project in Mozambique.

Along this journey, they will be joined by partner brands and enthusiasts who support the mission. It’s going to be quite a ride. Check back soon as we begin documenting the adventure.

Fundraising Goal